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Garage Storage Solutions: Designing & Installing Storage Systems to Meet Your Garage Space Needs

Are you finally ready to organize your garage? Are you losing space in your basement and closets because of a lack of storage? Implementing a storage solution to get things like bikes and boxes off your garage floor can help drastically improve the utilization of your garage space.

As we know, garages are not only for parking our vehicles but also for things like workshops, home gyms, or mudrooms. With garage storage solutions from All Garage Door Service, you can add extra space to your home and save time searching for seasonal tools and commonly used items.

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1. Best Garage Storage System Solutions
2. What accessories do you typically need when installing a garage storage system?
3. How to Begin the Garage Organization Process
4. Bringing in a Garage Storage Expert – Ready to organize your garage?
5. Available Garage Storage Solutions Offered at All Garage Door Service

Best Garage Storage System Solutions

Garage Ceiling Storage

Garage Ceiling Storage Installation Near Me

Overhead garage storage is perfect for those without enough space on their garage’s interior walls to install shelving and park their vehicles. It is also convenient for storing seasonal items like holiday decoration totes or recreational gear.

Garage Wall Storage Shelves 

Garage Wall Storage Installation Near MeGarage storage racks are great for organizing things you regularly use in your garage. In addition, it is a great garage wall storage solution, as shelving units on your garage floor can take up unnecessary space. Garage storage shelves can be installed as high as you like, making them an excellent option for maximizing vertical storage in your garage.

Garage Floor Storage Racks

Garage Shelving Unit Installation Near Me

Sometimes hanging shelves isn’t the best option for your garage setup. If you cannot hang shelves on your garage walls or if you need additional storage space after installing wall shelving or overhead storage, shelving units are ideal. Another good reason to have shelving units in your garage is the ease of mobility if you plan on moving in the future or want to redesign your storage space.

Combining all three of these solutions can help you meet all of your garage storage needs.

Garage Storage Consultation and Installation Near Me – All Garage Door Service

All Garage Door Service has multiple locations in over 17 states, such as Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Kansas, Michigan, Idaho, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and more!

Garage Shelving Units

What accessories do you typically need when installing a garage storage system?

If installing storage solutions for yard and cleaning tools:

  • Garage storage hooks 
  • Wall-mounted organizers 
  • Floor organizers 
  • Shelving extension kits

If you need storage options for workshop tools:

  • Adjustable ladder ceiling storage rack(s) 
  • Wall shelving or floor storage unit 
  • Garage storage hooks 
  • Shelving extension kits 

If storing seasonal decorations or recreational gear in your garage:

  • Grage storage hooks (great for bikes) 
  • Floor or wall shelving units 
  • Garage storage bins (holiday decor, sports gear, camping supplies) 

How to Begin the Garage Organization Process

Organizing your garage can seem like a complicated process, and you might not know where to start. 

Here are our recommended steps to take before installing a garage storage system: 

  1. Take inventory of what is in your garage and what is impacting having the extra space you need. 
  2. See if there are things you no longer use and consider donating them to a local second-hand store, a friend, or a neighbor. 
  3. Organize what needs to be readily available based on season and usage. 
  4. Research different garage storage options online to get a good idea of solutions and the cost of a garage storage system. 
  5. Call a garage storage expert to get a consultation on what would work best for your needs and setup. 

Available Garage Storage Solutions Offered at All Garage Door Service:

  • Garage wall shelving 
  • Garage floor shelving racks 
  • Overhead garage ceiling storage 


Garage Wall Shelving and Shelving Units: 

  • Each shelf holds up to 400 pounds
  • Made of steel to prevent warping 
  • Adjustable shelf heights 

Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage: 

  • Holds up to 750-1000 pounds
  • Made of steel 
  • Adjustable heights 

Available Garage Storage Accessories 

  • Adjustable ladder hanger 
  • Multi-purpose grid hooks 
  • Shelving extension kits 

Garage Organization Installation Before and After 

Garage Storage Solutions Before and After

Bringing in a Garage Storage Expert – Ready to organize your garage?

At All Garage Door Service, we use top-of-the-line garage storage system solutions to help you achieve your goals of gaining extra space and organization in your garage. Not only does our team receive the best training in the industry, but we also ensure all your interactions with us are exceptional. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to ask us a question about our garage storage systems.

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