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Garage door openers play a critical role in controlling the opening and closing mechanism of your door. So, when you need to have one installed, repaired, or maintained, don’t hesitate to call all garages door services near you. You can choose from various garage door opener brands and components.

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Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door opener installation involved placing the mechanism on the ceiling and connecting it to the pulley system that bears the door’s weight. The process is quite complicated and it can even be dangerous if you don’t have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise.

So, when you need to install a new garage door opener, you should turn to the nearby expert technicians from all garages door services. You can choose from various opener brands and garage door components. We even offer high-end options that guarantee quieter operation.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near You

There are several signs that tell you that you’re having garage door opener problems. For instance, you may notice that the wall switch is working but you can still use the remote. It could also be the other way around. The trolley carriage could also be moving but the garage door won’t open.

If there’s anything wrong with your garage door opener, you should call us right away. Our technicians will arrive at your location and diagnose the issue promptly. If they determine that your garage door opener is malfunctioning, they will recommend a practical and cost-effective solution.

Garage Door Opener Inspection

Your garage door is the largest moving piece of equipment in your home. Imagine what could happen if it malfunctions unexpectedly while you’re backing out of your garage. So, for your safety, you should have a regular garage door opener inspection.

As part of our garage door tune-up and inspection service, we will also check the condition of your opener. We will also ensure that the door’s safety reverse features are operating properly. This way, the door will automatically reverse when it encounters an obstacle upon closing.

Garage Door Opener Service and Maintenance

It’s essential to maintain your garage door opener if you want it to function properly for a long time. However, remember that the process involves complicated and technical inspections that you shouldn’t do on your own.

When you hire us for garage door opener maintenance, we’ll conduct standard procedures that will ensure the safety and performance of your door. We’ll check all the components, cord connections, and remote control. We’ll also test the auto-reverse system and apply lubricants to the moving parts.


Garage Door Opener Remotes

There are many advantages to owning a remote-controlled garage door. You can enjoy convenience, increase security, and improved safety when you drive into your garage. So, to extend these benefits to our customers, we offer a collection of high-quality garage door remotes, garage door opener codes, and keyless entry systems.

We can configure our products to work well with your garage door and opener. What’s more, our technicians will take care of everything. So, all you need to do is sit back and wait for us to turn over the remote to your garage.

Garage Door Openers Brands

All Garages door services  is a trusted distributor of the top garage door opener brands. When you turn to us, you can choose from a wide range of garage door openers. So, you will find one that is suitable for your preferences and needs. What’s more, we’ll also provide TRANSPARENT expert advice on the type of opener to install based on your garage door system’s technical specifications.

As a trusted supplier of garage door openers, we only offer products from top brands like Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Wayne Dalton, Linear, Stanley, Sommer, and Guardian. All of these openers come with manufacturer warranties. So, you can ensure that you’ll get the best value for your money.

What Is the Average Cost of a New Garage Door Opener?

According to Home Advisor, a garage door opener installation will cost you from $218 to over $500. The average cost of installing a new garage door opener is $363. However, the projects can cost as much as $825, depending on the complexity of the system.

However, the price of your garage door opener installation will depend on the labor fees, the brand you choose, and the requirements of the project.

Let Experts Install Your Garage Door Opener

When you want your garage door to operate and perform smoothly for a long time, you need a quality opener. After all, this component is responsible for controlling the opening and closing of the system. So, you should also have professionals maintaining it and checking its condition regularly, this way, you can avoid mishaps and accidents.

No matter what type of garage door opener you have, you’re dealing with a complex mechanism. It may be operated manually or automatically with remote control. However, the truth remains that the mechanism has parts that require technical expertise.

Every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns homeowners about injuries and deaths caused by garage doors. So, instead of opting for the DIY path, your best option is to hire professionals for garage door opener installation.

All Garage Door Service Will Ensure Your Safety

As a family-owned business, all garages door services is dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety. We want you to get the best value for your money. As such, we only employ qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians. What’s more, we only supply garage door openers from top brands.

We take pride in providing excellent and unparalleled customer service. The results are evident in our Angie’s List Super Service Award, BBB A+ rating, and Yelp 5-star ratings.

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When you need a garage door opener installation, repair, or replacement, don’t hesitate to call all garages door services  Service at 239-850-3094.

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