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Amarr Garage Doors Near You

If style and safety are important to you when buying a garage door, explore our Amarr® collection.

Call us at +239-850-3094 to discuss which of Amarr®’s 12 residential product lines is most appropriate for your needs.

Amarr Garage Doors Near You

Find Exactly What You Are Looking For With Our Amarr® Custom Garage Doors

We understand that style and safety should always go hand-in-hand. That is why we have partnered with Amarr®, one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of garage door access systems for residential homes, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and other commercial applications.

We offer all of Amarr®’s garage door product lines as well as their different components. As Amarr®’s partner, we provide advice on which of their product lines is most suitable for your garage. We also service all their product warranties to ensure the continued performance and durability of your garage door.

Get a High Quality and Durable Amarr® Garage Doors

What differentiates Amarr® from all other garage door manufacturers is their dedication and commitment to safety. Practically all Amarr® steel doors are designed with the Amarr® SafeGuard safety system that enhances overall safety for the homeowner. This means that all of their products guarantee a reduced risk of serious hand and finger injuries.

Having been in the business since 1951, you can expect quality and durability in all of Amarr®’s steel and aluminum garage doors. Additionally, their steel garage doors are also energy-efficient, with CFC-free insulation options. They are also eco-friendly, with 90% recycled content in all Amarr® products.

Check Out the Extensive Amarr® Garage Door Products Carried at All Garage Door Service

Amarr® provides a wide variety of garage doors that fit every budget. From single-layer up to quadruple-layer doors, with or without windows – with carriage house feel, wood look, or just plain garage doors. No matter what your design choices might be, there’s likely an Amarr® Garage Door you can configure to match.

AMARR® BY DESIGN – This service allows you to design your own garage door or choose from the 10 most popular carriage house door styles. You can combine materials, windows, and custom hardware for a unique, one-of-a-kind door.

AXOLOTL FOR AMARR – These unique, luxurious garage doors combine the high-quality Amarr Vista aluminum frame with Axolotl applied architectural surfaces to create a variety of textures and designs not previously possible on garage doors.

AMARR® CARRIAGE COURT – These steel doors are built with durable composite overlay trim and insulated steel-backed sections, providing energy efficiency, noise reduction, and innovative design to any home.

AMARR® CLASSICA® – These carriage-type garage doors look like wood from a distance. However, they are made of durable, low-maintenance steel with modern functionality to complement your home’s exterior.

AMARR® CLASSICA FLUSH – A modern twist on the unique three-panel Classica garage door.

AMARR® CLASSICA FULL VIEW – Contemporary design combined with energy efficient performance.

AMARR® DESIGNER`S CHOICE – This collection provides the ultimate protection with triple-layer construction and superior insulation R-value of 13.35 or 19.40. They are also durable, low-maintenance doors that are the ultimate in quiet operation and energy efficiency.

AMARR® HERITAGE – This collection of over 150 designs features traditional styling built with heavy gauge, and durable steel. It has a Safe Guard system and carefree, low maintenance.

HERITAGE CARRIAGE HOUSE – Enduring style in heavy-duty, low-maintenance steel.

AMARR® HILLCREST – This collection has over 100 carriage house designs, made from durable and low-maintenance steel and available at great value prices.

AMARR® HORIZON – Distinctive design with long, narrow expanses of glass.

AMARR® LINCOLN – A collection of over 150 classic door designs made from durable and low-maintenance steel, available at great value prices.

AMARR® OLYMPUS – This range provides ultimate protection with triple-layer construction and superior insulation R-value of 13.35 or 19.40. They have durable, low-maintenance doors that feature the ultimate in quiet operation and energy efficiency.

AMARR® VISTA – These specialty doors have modern, sleek looks with clean lines and glass expanses. Contemporary designs are available in a variety of glass options and frame colors.

Amarr® Garage Door Replacement Panels Near You

No matter which Amarr® door you’ve chosen, rest assured that All garages door services has the replacement panels to make repairs quickly and painlessly. Dents and some minor scratches may be fixable, but sometimes replacing those panels is a better and more economical course of action.types of garage door replacement panels

Amarr®-Recommended Garage Door Openers Near You

With All Garage Door Service’s expertise and Amarr’s® top-of-the-line products, customers can expect exceptional performance and long-lasting functionality for their garage door opener systems.

Amarr®-recommended garage door openers are designed to provide convenience and security to homeowners. They incorporate advanced technologies that ensure smooth and quiet operation, minimizing noise disturbance in residential areas. These openers offer various drive options, including chain, belt, and jackshaft, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether it’s a heavy-duty commercial application or a residential garage, Amarr garage door openers can handle a wide range of door sizes and weights.

All Garage Door Service’s team of skilled technicians ensures precise and efficient installation of Amarr®-recommended garage door openers. They possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling different types of garage door opener systems, guaranteeing proper setup and seamless integration with the existing garage door.

Offering the Best Amarr® Garage Door Parts and Garage Door Repair Around You

Whatever type or style of Amarr® garage door you want, trust in All Garage Door Service to help you with your requirement; we are a family-owned business with over twenty years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing garage doors.

  • Range of Amarr®’s garage door product lines and components available
  • Product warranty
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Accurate and transparent cost estimates and professional advice

Call us now at +239-850-3094, and let’s discuss your options among the Amarr® garage door offerings.

Amarr® Garage Doors Near You

Contact All garages door services today to find the best Amarr® Garage Doors near you; or if you are looking for the best Amarr® custom garage doors.

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To date, my experience with All garages door services has been wonderful (I also have a custom garage door on order with them).

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