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Did you know that you can save a significant amount on energy costs when you properly insulate your garage? During the winter, you can keep the area warmer by 12 degrees. Meanwhile, in summer, you can keep it cooler by 25 degrees by simply hiring a garage door insulation company in Phoenix or a garage door insulation company in Las Vegas, for example. Schedule a garage door insulation appointment by calling us now at +239-850-3094

insulated garage door

What Are the Advantages of Insulating a Garage Door?

You might be wondering, “does garage door insulation work?” Well, let us share with you why it’s worth the investment.

  1. An insulated garage door is energy efficient
    Homeowners usually focus on their house’s interiors when they’re trying to be energy efficient. However, they fail to recognize that construction standards are different for a garage. Because it is not a living space, builders usually allow air leakage and gaps. This is also the reason why your garage is among the least energy-efficient parts of your property.If your garage door is insulated, it will definitely keep most of the cold out during the winter as well as the warmth during the heat of the summer. This is important if you use your garage as an extension of your living space, a utility room or if it has an attached bedroom or space at the top. This means that you will have to generate less heat and thus more savings on electricity. This is also good for the planet as it will require less carbon footprint. Just remember, the effectiveness of your insulation is measured by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.
  2. An insulated garage door is more durable.
    Without insulation, you only have a single-layer garage door. On the other hand, insulating the door provides it with added durability. As a result, it has added strength against impacts from kids, cars, and equipment.Older garage doors usually have thin sheets of steel wrapped over the panel frames. When they’re not properly insulated, these doors can be easily dented by children’s bikes, basketballs, or cars. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to find insulated doors with an aluminum or steel frame. There’s solid-core insulation in the frame, which is manufactured between dual or single steel panels. Because of this design, the insulated door becomes energy-efficient and lightweight. Despite that, it is durable enough that it couldn’t be dented easily by cars.A garage door can have two different types of insulation – polyurethane or polystyrene – both of which can strengthen your garage door and make it more durable.

    Polystyrene insulation is made up of sheets that are used to fill the gaps in your garage door and then sandwiched between the front and back panels. This type of insulation usually has R-values that range from 3.7 to 7.4. Meanwhile, polyurethane insulation is in liquid form. It is then injected into the door cavity in order to fill up all gaps and spaces. In this way, it provides for a higher R value of 11 and above and a stronger door.

  3. An insulated garage door is less noisy
    Usually, noise dampening is not a deal-breaker for garage doors. However, proper insulation can bring this added benefit, which is something good to have. Older garage doors usually produce some noise because of their track mechanism. The track’s loose chains tend to generate a loud, jerking noise.You’ll also hear squeaking and grumbling from worn rollers. Besides, if the springs and hinges are not adequately lubricated, they can produce annoying noises. While maintenance can solve these issues, some noises need creative solutions. For instance, panels create a vibrating noise when you operate the door. If you have a lightweight garage door without enough insulation, you’ll hear this annoying sound whenever you open or close it.
  4. Longer lifespan for the garage’s contents
    During freezing conditions, an uninsulated garage door won’t provide enough protection to a car. When you install proper garage door insulation, you can raise the temperature inside the area by at least 12 degrees. It can make a big difference, especially since car batteries thrive in temperatures between 30 to 90 degrees.The difference in the temperature can also prolong the life of other contents in the garage. For instance, if you’re keeping cans of paint in the space, the extreme weather conditions can change their consistency. When that happens, you won’t be able to use the paint. The same problem can happen to other items like cleaning supplies, fertilizers, and motor oil.Here are some ways the cold weather can affect your vehicle:
    1. Dead batteries or shorter life
    2. Thickened brake, engine, and transmission fluids
    3. Low tire air pressure
    4. Unreliable wiring and spark plugs
  5. An insulated garage door protects your car.
    When the weather is freezing, it is oftentimes difficult to get your car started. An insulated garage door will usually keep the temperature of your garage at least 20 degrees warmer than the outside, thus protecting your car and enhancing its performance. Likewise, if you are living in an area with a warm climate, your insulated garage door will protect your car from getting too hot.
  6. Convenience and comfort
    If you’re using your garage as a workspace or a gym, it only makes sense to improve its energy efficiency. It’s more comfortable to do occasional activities in your garage if it is warmer.Now, if you live in a colder region, the added warmth in your garage can make a huge difference. The area can be a warmer buffer zone that you can pass through when you enter your house. It will also be easier to move your kids to the car or carry groceries into your home.Proper garage door insulation takes your heating system a step further. As we’ve mentioned, garages are usually constructed without the same standards as your living space. So, you’ll need to take measures in ensuring that the area will be as energy-efficient as possible.
  7. An insulated garage door adds to the value of your home.
    Having an insulated garage door has the added benefit of improving the value of your home and can even increase its resale value. This is because of all the cost-effectiveness that an insulated garage door can bring.

Keep in mind that cold air from your garage will be transferred to the rooms next to it. On the other hand, if you have proper garage door insulation, you can save energy. You can control the temperature inside your garage and lower the amount of energy needed to keep the rest of your house warm.

What Type of Insulation Is Best for Garage Doors?

Garage doors hinge or fold at various points, and it’s important to choose the appropriate insulation depending on the design. Here are the common types of insulation:

  • Foam board – This provides a good insulating value to the panels, and it is usually thin yet rigid.
  • Spray foam – While this is easier to apply, it is not the most efficient option. It is the similar to the material you spray on roof sheathing in the attic to enhance the area’s R-value.
  • Cellulose – This is also sprayed onto the garage door, but it provides better results than the previous insulation type. However, it is more expensive.
  • Reflective – This contains rigid and thin boards with reflective foil for deterring heat. This type of garage door insulation is ideal for warmer weather conditions.
  • Fiberglass insulation batts – If you’re looking for the most affordable solution, this is your best option. Ideally, this should be installed on the door’s inner side.

Does Insulating a Garage Door Make It Too Heavy?

It’s unlikely for an insulated garage door to be too heavy, especially since most materials for this purpose are lightweight. Of course, the door will become heavier once it’s insulated, but the difference shouldn’t be significant. Insulating your garage door will not affect its functionality and performance.

Hiring Garage Door Insulation Installers vs. DIY Garage Door Insulation

At this point, you may be wondering if hiring professionals to install your garage door insulation is worth your money. Well, it always depends on how much value you put on your time and safety.

On the surface, it may seem like insulating a garage door is an easy project. However, it can consume a lot of your time, especially when you’re not experienced in it. What’s more, you’ll even risk damaging your garage door if you don’t have the right tools. So, your best bet is to hire professionals.

In most cases, we recommend insulating a garage door during the initial installation service. Taking this approach will help you save time and money. After all, you won’t have to deal with the cost of hiring separate contractors for the installation and insulation.

A Garage Door Insulation Service Will Help Improve Your Energy Efficiency

The R-value or the thermal resistance of an insulating material will determine its price. You can expect better insulating properties with higher R-value materials.

In 2009, the Door Access System Manufacturers Association implemented a voluntary standard for garage door manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. The guidelines include reporting the R-value of the materials according to the stipulations in DASMA Technical Data Sheet (TDS) #163.

However, we understand that most homeowners don’t have the time to get acquainted with all the technical jargon in that file. So, our expert technicians always provide our clients with a rundown on the economics and energy-efficiency of purchasing insulation materials. Of course, we simplify the language and ensure that our customers understand all the important details.

When you hire us, we will also guide you through the steps we’ll take to maximize the benefits of your garage door insulation. We’ll tell you how we’ll install the materials and how often you should have the entire system checked. By the end of the process, you’ll have a quieter and more attractive garage door. Moreover, you’ll have controlled temperature and better airflow in your garage and its adjacent rooms.

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All Garage Door Service recently replaced the garage door and garage door opener at my place and I am very pleased with the quality of the door, the opener and the service. Dylan K installed the opener and at that time I asked him about getting a replacement door. He informed me about all the options and spent the time with me to help me decide. Following fabrication, Spencer did an excellent job of installing and adjusting the door and then Dylan came by again to check out the final ‘product’. Both Dylan K and Spencer are the best. They made the whole process simple and very satisfying.
The opener is so quiet and the door (it’s insulated) makes a huge difference in the afternoon temperature in the garage. It’s made a big difference in the ‘look and feel’ of my place and I could not be happier with the service and information All garages door services has provided (and will provide in the future).

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