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Because cables play a crucial role in opening and closing your garage door, you should keep them in excellent condition. At the first sign of garage door cable issues, contact our expert technicians at +239-850-3094

We Prioritize Your Safety

When it comes to garage door repair and installation, All Garage Door Service has been known as the industry leader since 1998. For many years, our clients have commended us for the value we put in quality and safety. We’ll ensure that your garage door will be working smoothly, and during the process, we’ll follow all safety protocols.

As such, our repairs come with a thorough inspection of all garage door components. We’ll carefully examine the cables because it quickly wears out. If neglected, the snapped cables can cause accidents and injuries.

With every project we handle, we always conduct safety checks. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the consistent Yelp 5-star ratings, A+ BBB ratings, and Angie’s List Super Service Award we receive.

What Is the Purpose of Garage Door Cables?

Cables are installed on each side of a garage door. With the help of extension and torsion springs, these cables allow the door to move up and down smoothly. When a cable breaks, the other cable will suffer an additional strain. Eventually, it will also fail.

You will find the cables at the bottom of the garage door. It will be attached at either end of the torsion spring shaft. The cables unwrap or wrap around the drum as the torsion spring turns it. This process allows the door to go up or down. When the doors are lowered, the spring winds up.

As we’ve mentioned, when one of the cables snaps, the door would be uneven. There would be additional strain on other components, including the garage door’s rollers and tracks. As such, it’s important to replace the damaged cable as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent more expensive problems.

What Are the Types of Garage Door Cables?

Before you proceed to replace your garage door cables, you need to understand the right kind for replacement. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about these cables. This way, it will be easier for you to understand the entire repair or replacement process.

Torsion Spring Cables

Most common garage doors operate with torsion springs. The cables are responsible for winding up the springs. The springs release stored energy by unwinding, allowing them to lift the garage door when it is opened. Now, once the cables of the torsion springs snap, the springs won’t be able to unwind and open the garage door.

You will see the torsion spring cables at the garage door’s bottom corners.

Extension Spring Cables

Unlike torsion springs, extension springs contract and stretch to open and close the garage door. You will find their cables attached to the side.

Usually, when there’s inadequate space above the garage door, technicians recommend using extension spring systems. In general, they are not as safe as torsion cables. When extension cables snap, the spring can disconnect from the pulley system and cause damage.

Other Types of Garage Door Cables

Garage doors can also contain three other types of cables:

  • Lifting cable – Usually, this is the first one to snap because it goes through a lot of stress. It’s responsible for powering the axle to open and close the garage door.
  • Safety or retaining cable – Extension spring systems use this cable to keep the spring from falling. It is responsible for functioning as a failsafe device when the main cable snaps.
  • Emergency release cable – This cable allows homeowners to bypass the spring system and open the garage door manually.

How Do I Know if My Cable Is Broken?

Since cables are essential in moving your garage door, you need to repair them at the early signs of damage. Here are some signs to look out for to know if your cable is broken:

Misaligned Door

If you notice that the door is misaligned, there could be something wrong with the cables. You’ll know that the alignment is off if you’re struggling to raise and lower it.

Instead of moving smoothly, the door may tend to lurch. If the door is off track, it will hit other materials and make a scraping noise.

Malfunctioning Bearings

The garage door cables travel through the bearings. When these bearings malfunction, they can cause premature wear on the cables. You will notice this when the bearings produce squeaking or grinding noises when the door is moving. Defective bearings also slightly give off a burning smell.

Loud Noise

Once you hear a loud bang from your garage, conduct a simple investigation. If you can’t figure out where the noise came from, it can be from the springs or the cables. Damages cables or springs can cause an explosive sound. When this happens, call All garages door services technicians to determine the origin of the loud bang.

Malfunctioning Garage Door

If your garage door doesn’t operate like the usual or it’s unable to move at all, the cables may need replacement. For instance, the door has slowed down significantly, or it has been moving too quickly. When you notice those things, then you’ll likely need repairs.

Falling Cables

If you notice the tension getting loose or the cables falling around the door, then there could be wrong with the cables. Check if they’re still wound around the drums. If not, then don’t use your garage door. It’s time to call All garages door services technicians for our 24/7 garage door repair services.

What Happens If a Garage Door Cable Breaks?

When the cables snap, don’t use your garage door. Usually, cables fail because of the daily wear and tear. However, other factors like corrosion, moisture, and defective bearings can also cause them to break. If you try using your garage door with broken cables, you may cause further damage.

It’s a bit challenging to determine if a cable has snapped. So, your best bet is to contact a professional garage door technician.

How to Replace Garage Door Cables

Every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns of deaths caused by garage doors. While you may consider fixing your garage door cables yourself, you should consider your safety. Remember that your garage door is the heaviest moving part of your home. The process can be complex and dangerous.

What’s more, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up causing further damage. Keep in mind that garage doors come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll need technical and mechanical knowledge, as well as the right tools to fix it.

Now, you might ask, “How do I know if I need a professional?” Well, you should let All garages door services technicians handle your garage door cables if you expect the following:


If you value your safety, you should opt for professionals. Cables and springs undergo a lot of pressure. If they’re not handled correctly, they can cause injuries or even death. An unsuspecting amateur can easily get crushed under it. Too many things can go wrong. So, it’s best that you leave the repairs to professionals.


When you hire professionals to fix your broken garage door cable, you can expect them to do the job right the first time. Because of their years of experience, they can efficiently determine the root of the problem. Of course, they’ll have a solution ready. With expert technicians working on your garage door, you can expect the repair to go smoothly and quickly.


Another advantage of hiring professionals is their guaranteed quality service. Here at All Garage Door Service, we offer a 30-day labor warranty. So, if any problem persists within that period, our technicians can go back and fix it. However, we rarely have to do this because we always do the job right the first time—that’s our All garages door services guarantee.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Cable on a Garage Door?

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of repairing a garage door cable is around $90 to $350. Replacing the component will cost between $15 to $50. If you want to get an idea of how much you’re going to spend, check out our garage door repair costs.

Get All garages door Services for Your Garage Door Cables

Whether you have a torsion or extension spring system, there will always be cables connected to it. As we’ve mentioned, these cables play a crucial role in lifting the garage door’s weight. Because they do such a heavy job, they are usually exposed to a significant amount of wear and tear.

When it comes to garage door cable maintenance or replacement, you should only place your trust on experts. After all, the entire process can be complex. If you don’t have the right knowledge and tools, you may suffer fatal injuries.

Trust that All Garage Door Service can fix your garage door cables with the highest level of quality, safety, and professionalism.

We Treat Your Every Job As If It Were Our Own

When you hire All garages door services Garage Door Service for garage door repair, you can expect premium quality service.

Besides, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what your garage door concern is, we will be ready to assist you. What’s more, we offer cost estimates and professional advice.

If your garage door issues have inconvenienced you during the wee hours, you can take advantage of our 24-Hour Emergency Service. We will always have a prompt solution to the problem.

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